About Us

Meet the family behind the name:

In the spring of 2020, Covid-19 hit the United States. That is where everything kind of went a little wild. The kids were sent home, I cried (a lot) because I thought I would completely fail them. Fast forward to Fall of 2020 and Brian and I decided we would homeschool them. What was going to be for one semester has now turned into 2 years and we couldn't imagine our lives any different. 

    Hi there! I'm DeAnna. The mom behind most of the

photos, videos, and overall the whole homeschool. That's right... I'm the boss. Kidding, that's probably one of the dogs honestly. I am a 30(ish) mom who was always someone who admired homeschool but never had the courage to do it until now. I am often found reading, making something, or making coffee. I am really learning who I am as a mom, wife, and teacher every single day. I don't strive for perfection but progress. 

Brian is the "breadwinner". We have been married since 2014, together for longer than that and he still sticks around. He is the daddy, husband, and glue that helps all of this work for the betterment of our kiddos. He loves all things hot wheels, music, and art. He actually is really great at drawing, and even taught himself to play the guitar but will tell you he can't do either if you ask him. He is a newfound lover of coffee. He was not a homeschooled kiddo but is learning every day how he wished he could have been. He hates having his photo taken and kinda tries to run when I try to snatch one. 

Jaxon is the oldest. He suffers with anxiety at times and a "perfectionist" problem with everything he does.  A lover of all things gaming,
coding, pyrography, and any type of craft. He is really fascinated with his drone and all technology. He really enjoys reading and is in fact obsessed with Harry Potter. Fortnite is his absolute favorite game.  He is my quiet, sneaky one. You never know what he might be planning to do next.  Currently, he wants to be some type of foster worker for dogs when he grows up and also some sort of Truck Driver. He just isn't sure which yet.  He was completing his 2nd grade year when Covid hit and we pulled him out to homeschool in 2020. 

Ryker is the youngest. Ryker was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and ADHD. But don't let that fool you- he is a bright kid with a love of life and people. He loves everything Dinosaurs and Minecraft, Roblox. He would rather do math than any other subject ever. He is the wild one, he wants to run through the forest barefoot and play in the mud. He currently wants to be either a police officer when he grows up or a doctor. He was in Prek when Covid hit and we pulled him out to homeschool in 2020. So he doesn't really know anything but the homeschool life.  

We make up The Wild Hills and this is our story, we are so glad you are here to join us.