Three Lessons I Learned Our First Year of Homeschool


Hello there and if you have been following me on our Instagram- you’ll know we are still beginner homeschoolers. Long story short we started homeschooling in 2020. So while I don’t pretend to know all the answers- I can at least share things as I figure them out. 

The first year was something and in all honesty sometimes I’m surprised the kids and I made it through. Many times I wanted to throw in the towel, but by the end of the year we were getting more used to the idea and started loving it. 

So here are the three things I learned our first year: 

1. Be Patient: This is so hard, ya’ll! Seriously. I thought I would have all the answers and the kids would just sit and do their work and boom it would be magical. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong! I had no idea what we were doing, the kids had no idea how to handle school at the same home we played in. It was just wild and a mess. So my biggest lesson is to just be patient with the children, and yourself. 

2. It’s okay to stop!: First starting, I wanted to stick to our schedule even if we needed a break. But what I have learned is that sometimes the best thing to do is stop. Stop the lesson and take a running break outside, Stop the curriculum- because sometimes that curriculum just doesn’t work for your family. Stop for the day or the week and just enjoy being together. The first rule of a homeschool mom is to take care of yourself and the kids mentally as well as educationally! Sometimes that means putting the mental well-being ahead of your schedule. 

3. Trust Yourself.: Probably the hardest lesson to learn. But you are the mama. You are the one who before they could speak or walk knew what they needed. You are the one who knows they are sick before they show they are sick. You know your children, and you love them- you don’t want to let them down and that is what makes you an amazing homeschool mom! You just have to learn to put the doubts and fears to the side and listen to the mama gut inside. You can do this!! 

If you just remember those three things, I promise you will save yourself a lot of unneeded stress. 

Until next time 💕