Four Homeschool Myths Busted


Beginning to homeschool is scary, y’all.  If your like me, you have probably heard a whole lot of negative about homeschooling, so let me help dispel four of the most common ones! 

1. They rarely socialize. Now the past couple of years no one has really been super social  since we are just coming out of a pandemic, however I can happily say homeschoolers socialize a lot. From doing everyday errands, co-ops, homeschool groups, church groups, music lessons, just fun lessons— there are a ton of socialization opportunities. And the really cool thing about homeschooling is that they don’t just socialize with kids their own ages but with kids from all backgrounds and ages. They truly learn to handle smaller children, or how to chill with the older kids. It is beautiful watching a homeschool group get together. 

2. “Non educated” Okay, so the common thought here is that because they are at home, the school isn't as rigorous as public schools. That is absolutely not true, some curriculums are even way more advanced then public (like the one I stumbled on where they expected 1st graders to be easing chapter books). The funny thing about education is that it is constant, natural, and ever growing. Every family is different and so what they considered to be a “educated child goal” may not be the same as yours. Homeschool doesn’t try to make kids fit into a box,  it instead meets the child where they are so that they can learn and not be left behind. 

3. Every homeschooler is super religious! No, no, no..... some families choose to homeschool for religoius reasons but not all of them. I have spoke to moms that are both on the religious side and some whom aren’t religious at are (referred to as secular). Just know no matter where you land on that scale- you won’t be alone. 

4. They won’t be prepared for the real world. I always find this funny. I guess the thought here is that homeschoolers stay inside, sheltered and never ever experience the world. But it’s the complete opposite. When we were purchasing a new home, because the kids were homeschooled, they were there through the whole process: looking at houses, I explained the steps of applying for a loan, what it means to get accepted and what could go wrong before the house was officially ours. They see me figure out how much something cost in stores, hear me saying thank you and please. The kids are literally beside me- doing real world stuff. All the time. 

There are so many myths of homeschoolers and how “someone knows someone who was homeschooled and they are xyz”. But the truth of the matter is - no one can tell you how your homeschool will work out but you. 

Take the chance and see how it goes. 

Till next time 💕